Swiss Producer & DJ Ripperton has done an ABSOLUTE BELTER of a remix for ‘Echo In’ – check it out HERE on the Tsugi website or below in the player, and then spend the rest of the day trying to contain yourselves from going door to door asking random strangers to marry you in your overwhelming delight at its awesomeness.

Add to that the fact that Terry McTeff of Teffington has gone done a mashtape of bangers ooooohh! Have a listen, or put it on at a dinner party and tell your friends that you made it yourself thus basking in the stolen glory of high taste and sophistication that only a Teff contains.

Featuring Carl Craig, Radio Slave, Talaboman, Appleblim & Ramadanman, Bobmo, DJ Koze, Clouds, Daphni & Owen Pallet, Robert Hood, Call Super, Shifted, Caribou, Perc and Kiasmos.

Under Current mix (Feb 2015) by Vesselsband on Mixcloud

Check em both out if you get chance…