Who wants to hear a BRAND NEW TUNE??? Head on over to Notion right now where you can listen to our latest single ‘4AM‘ in all its sonic glory… It will be available on all services this Friday. You can also listen via the player below.

We’ve been working on a lot of new music recently and we thought this slab of noise might tide you over until album No. 4.

Here’s our own Lee J. Malcolm on the track:

“Writing this track was one of those special moments where you’re alone late at night in the studio and the world is asleep outside. I was messing around with my dad’s old Korg Trident and I stumbled across this chord sequence. After that the track just wrote itself. I imagined being in some epic sci-fi sequence and the stakes were getting more and more intense. Juxtaposed by the fast pace of the rhythm the track came to life and it felt like there was a race to the end.”