It is done. The last three years of our lives distilled into an hour-long noise. The apex of our collective powers. From the wool of the sonic we have woven the cardigan of our hearts and minds. It is our offering to you, may it keep you warm until your final days…

The Great Distraction will be released via Different Recordings on 29th September. Featuring vocals from an old friend (Harkin) and some of our newest, including John Grant and Vincent Neff (Django Django). September can’t come soon enough!

Pre-order your copy here, in the format of your choosing, to be delivered to the doormat of your whim. The album will be available on CD, gatefold double black vinyl LP, and a special limited gatefold coloured vinyl edition – one disc transparent red, the other transparent blue, to complement the bunting laser-powered artwork. All versions are available bundled with a new laser tree design T-shirt.

But for those of you who can’t wait that long, lest you combust with anticipation, here’s another choice cut from its flank right now – we’re soooo proud to announce our latest single – we’ve teamed up with our good friends over the water The Flaming Lips, to bring you ‘Deflect The Light‘, a tale for our times about the light and the dark, the old and the young. Head on over to Stereogum right now for the premiere and be sure to write to your local public radio station and ask them to put it on the air.

The full version of the track can be found on Bandcamp as well as selected other digital newsagents and if you’re after a bitesize version or the Vessels-original ‘dub’ version, walk this way…

Vessels x