The Great Distraction has arrived.

For the tangible fetishists amongst you, there are a host of options to choose from. You could purchase a simple compact disc – all the music is on it. Or you could helve further down the mudslide and bunt off a 180g gatefold double LP – JUICY. Or, if you’re that far down the bunny-tunnel why not gan the whole pig and buy the limited edition red and blue double vinyl girth box. Somebody is saying all the other fetishists just did FYI. It’s really up to you. You could buy them all and then discard the ones you don’t like. the permutations are terrifying.

Not meaning to bury the lede, but since our last missive we’ve released two more cuts from the album. If you cannae wait until the morning then wrap your chops around these two sound canap├ęs.

Deeper in a Sky’ is our collaboration with long time Leeds compatriate Harkin starring as the unified mental process of over a trillion, trillion, trillion humans that have spread throughout the universe, survived to the end of time and is now watching the stars flicker out one by one, whilst pondering some of humanities most belligerent questions).

…and we are especially pleased to unveil ‘Erase the Tapes‘ – our collaboration with the mighty John Grant. Described by John himself as being “about getting rid of bad self-dialogue and getting new ‘tapes’ to play yourself”, we hope you all enjoy hearing it as much as we enjoyed making it…