Dear Friends

We’re home and rested after an amazing weekend, and hope that those of you who joined us are too. We wanted to offer a few words of explanation, and apology, regarding the insurmountable hurdles that led to our pulling the show at Fell Foot Sound.

Our setup is intricate and complex. And on that Saturday night, despite large amounts of effort from everyone involved, we couldn’t get it to work. This is a first for us. It meant that we could not perform our show. After three mortifying false starts, we let Lee and Tim takeover with some improvisation instead – using whatever was still working.

We spent several more hours trying to fix things, but the following morning, after another couple of hours of double checking, we had to concede defeat. This pains us all very much. It is without a doubt an enormously disappointing and regrettable scenario.

We’d like to offer an unreserved apology to every single person who had turned out to see us, and to the wonderful organisers of Feel Foot Sound, who we must reiterate, were in no way responsible for what happened, and further to that, were tremendously professional and compassionate in the face of our flaccid offering…

We’d like to make it up to as many of you as we can, as soon as is appropriate. We take what we do tremendously seriously, so please accept our deepest apologies, stay in touch and we’ll put this right!

with love