In a triple instalment of news today we bring you links to consume the joy that is Lee’s new Jinjé single ‘Amya’ (out today (15/9/14) on Messrs Kick & Drum records) which can be purchased via iTunes or Boomkat.

Also, for those of you dwelling in the UK who have access to the TV channel Watch – Tune in this evening at 11pm to hear ‘Yuki‘ – our first single and White Fields classic – form the soundtrack to the closing scene from tonight’s episode of the Vampire/Ghost/Werewolf drama Being Human (U.S. version).

Thirdly, for those of you who are film-makers, game designers or simply those who like free stuff, Tom and Lee’s new sound design website tonenoise.com is up and running and has a growing library of Creative-Commons licensed tracks available for free download and use in non-commercial projects.

Get stuck in!