September 29th, 2017

The Great Distraction has arrived.

For the tangible fetishists amongst you, there are a host of options to choose from. You could purchase a simple compact disc – all the music is on it. Or you could helve further down the mudslide and bunt off a 180g gatefold double LP – JUICY. Or, if you’re that far down the bunny-tunnel why not gan the whole pig and buy the limited edition red and blue double vinyl girth box. Somebody is saying all the other fetishists just did FYI. It’s really up to you. You could buy them all and then discard the ones you don’t like. the permutations are terrifying.


September 28th, 2017

If you’re anything like me then this post apocalyptic presentation of a jeffer on a jetski doing slo-mo half-cab-gondola-pumps before summoning Slipknot’s EDM nephews on a tug-boat will be right up your alley. Add to that the fact that its the official video for ‘Mobilise‘ and it is brown-trousers time.

Thanks go to director Alexander Darby and creative visionary Russ ‘Benylin on the bus’ Crank.

September 4th, 2017

The Great Distraction drops at the end of the month. The same number of days as spacetime dimensions in bosonic string theory. To mark that unlikeliest of coincidences here’s a new spacetime themed track for you – ‘Deeper in a Sky‘, starring our good friend Harkin as the unified mental process of over a trillion, trillion, trillion humans that have spread throughout the universe, survived to the end of time and is now watching the stars flicker out one by one, whilst pondering some of humanities most belligerent questions)

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